What To Do If One Of Your Multiple Cats Is Having Diarrhea

It can be tricky to care for a cat that's having diarrhea, but the problem is always made worse if you have multiple cats. Figuring out which cat is having problems can be tough, and handling the problem is often frustrating and confusing. If you know one of your cats is leaving diarrhea in the litter box and aren't sure what to do, check out this guide.

Find the Culprit

If your cats share a litter box, figuring out which one is leaving the mess behind can be nearly impossible. Chances are you have better things to do than to spend all day hanging around the litter box to see which cat it is, so consider these tips if you're not sure which cat it is.

Cats who are having diarrhea typically don't exhibit just the one symptom. Your cat will most likely show signs of being lethargic, tired, or have a lack of appetite or interest in food. You may also spot them scooching their rear end across the floor in an effort to remove excessive stomach acid that's come out with the diarrhea. If you spot your cat doing any of these things, you can be almost certain that cat is the one with a problem.

Switch to Bland Diet

One of the best things you can do for your cat is to switch them to a bland diet right away. Giving your cat dry food, plain chicken with no spices or fats added, and even mixing a little cooked rice into their food can help to ease their troubles. However, this shouldn't be considered a permanent fix. If your cat continues to have problems or the diarrhea comes back whenever you move them back to a standard diet, it's time to see a veterinarian.

See Vet

There are two main reasons for seeing a vet if your cat has diarrhea: the risk of worsening health, and to find out what the real cause of the diarrhea is.

When a cat has diarrhea, they can quickly become dehydrated. In addition to making them feel bad, prolonged dehydration can even cause kidney damage. It's important to seek treatment quickly to ensure that your cat doesn't get dehydrated.

Secondly, veterinarians are simply the best at figuring out why a cat has a problem, including bowel issues. Your cat could have something as simple as a mild stomach bug to something as severe as gastrointestinal worms. Your vet will be able to perform a physical exam, blood tests, and if necessary, scans to determine exactly what's plaguing your kitty.

Diarrhea isn't fun for anyone, including your cat. If you haven't sought help from a vet yet, make an appointment right away to get help for your kitty. Contact a clinic, like Berlin Township Animal Hospital, for more help.