Three Ways To Make Your Dog More Amiable To The Veterinary Clinic

A dog disliking the vet is just as common as people who dislike going into the dental office. Your dog acting as if they dislike the vet can also cause you some anxiety. You may find yourself needing to hold them and comfort your pet during their time at the office. If you want to relieve your pet of any stress and anxiety, you will need to train them to calm down at the vet office. There are three things that you can do to help train your dog to calm down while at veterinary clinics that will aid both of you. 

Take them for rides a little more often

If the only time that your dog goes for rides is when they go to the veterinary clinic, putting them in the car for an appointment will rile them up. Take your dog for rides to other locations, such as the park, to run an errand with you, where they can go inside, and to family or friend homes. This will stop car anxiety due to them anticipating going to the vet's office when they load in the car. 

Allow them to bring toys or comfort items

Dogs, like people, can have items that will comfort them. These items may be a blanket that they lay on at home or a toy that they enjoy squeaking. In some cases, they may need a vest that hugs them in order to calm their anxiety. Before going to the vet, make sure they put on this vest, in order to cool them down. If they have an item from home that will take their mind off of the vet checkup, they may be perfectly fine before and during their examination. 

Get a special treat after 

Dogs can be conditioned to perform an activity without hesitation or problem. Make it a tradition to take your pet out for their favorite treat, or go to do their favorite activity, after the vet. This will condition your pet to understand that they get to do something enjoyable after the vet's office. Instead of being afraid or attempting to stay away from the vet's office, they may be docile because they know they will be able to get a treat later. It may take a few times for your dog to understand, but they will get the message that the trip to the vet is not bad.