4 Ways To Take Care Of Your Dog In The Winter

If you like somewhere that experiences seasonal changes in the winter, you are going to need to change up your routine with your dog. You don't want to let your dog out for long periods of time when its super cold outside, make sure to protect your dog from your heaters, provide your dog with a cozy bed and help your dog fight back against dry skin.

Be Mindful of the Outside Temperature

The first thing you need to do is be mindful of the outside temperature. Check what the temperature is before you take your dog outside, including the "feels like" temperature that takes into account wind chill.

If it is at or around freezing, you can take your dog out to the bathroom and for a short play session, but should bring your dog in after ten or fifteen minutes. If it is below zero, you should really only take your dog outside to use the bathroom and then bring them right back in. Try to go outside when it is sunny as well. Even if its freezing, being out in the sun is helpful.

When you go outside in the cold weather, see if your dog is comfortable wearing dog boots or a sweater. If you put a sweater on your dog, be sure to brush their coat when you take it off to limit matting of your dog's fur.

Protect Your Dog from Heaters

Dogs like to keep warm just like people. If you have a radiator, fireplace or other open source of heat, make sure that you protect your dog from getting injured. If you have a hot radiator or a fireplace, put up a screen in front of the heat source so that your dog doesn't get so close that they burn themselves. You can also train your dog to stay back from these heat sources.

Keep Your Dog's Bed Cozy

Make sure that you keep your dog's bed cozy. Remember that heat rises, so the coldest spot in your house is on the floor. Elevate your dog's bed off the floor by putting a rug under it or setting it up higher off the ground.

You should also add some extra blankets to your dog's bed. Adding a few extra beds will allow your dog to get cozy and warm when they sleep and nap.

Fight Back Against Dry Skin

Just like people, dogs can suffer from dry skin during the winter time. You can help your dog fight back against dry skin by adding skin and coat supplements to their food. You can also apply coconut oil directly to your dog's coat to provide it with moisture. When you bath your dog, be sure to use moisturizing shampoo and soaps.

In the winter, watch the temperature and don't keep your dog outside for too long when it is really cold outside. If you have exposed heaters in your home that get hot, put up fences around them to protect your dog, so they don't get burned trying to get warm. Elevate and add extra blankets to your dog's bed to keep them warm, and help your dog fight back against dry skin with the right food and oils.

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