How To Treat & Deal With Rabbit Lice

If your rabbit seems to be itching all the time, there is a good chance that your rabbit is infected with an ectoparasite. This ectoparasite is pet lice, which can be just as irritating for rabbits as it is for humans.

Get to the Vet

If you suspect that your rabbit has lice, the first thing you need to do is get your pet to the vet. Have your vet diagnose your rabbit with lice. Your vet will then prescribe you a drug that you can use to treat the lice.

The two most common drugs to treat lice with are selamectin and ivermectin. Make sure that your vet tells you how to properly use the medication on your rabbit.

Do not purchase lice medication from the store that is made for people. Lice treatments for people are often way to strong and potent to be used on your rabbit. Instead of getting rid of the lice, you could end up killing your rabbit with human head lice treatments. Pet lice and human lice are different species. You will not get lice from your rabbit, but it can sure be uncomfortable and unpleasant for your rabbit and should be treated as seriously as a human infection of lice. It also takes just as much effort to get rid of lice that your pet contracts.

Clean Your Rabbits Cage

Once you treat your rabbit, you need to clean up their cage. Take out the bedding in your rabbit's cage and wash it in hot water and dry it on high heat. You can also put the bedding in the freezer for a day to kill off any lice that remain.

You should throw away any food that is in your rabbit's cage. Lice could be inside of the food bowl, and you don't want to leave that behind.

Take the dish bowls and toys, and wash them with some warm water and dishwashing soap. You should also use warm water and dishwashing soap to clean the actual cage itself.  

Alternatively, in the winter, if you live somewhere where it stays below freezing all night, you can put all of your rabbit's belongings outside overnight. This will freeze off and kill the lice; they are not able to survive in really cold environments.

If your rabbit is itching really bad, you are going to want to get your rabbit to the vet right away so that they can prescribe the right medication to take care of your pet's issues and provide them with relief. You are also going to need to clean your pet's cage as well to permanently get rid of the lice. To learn more, contact a vet clinic like Acequia Animal Hospital