3 Signs Your Dog Is Suffering From An Upset Stomach

If you dog has stopped eating and is acting strangely, you may suspect that they are sick to their stomach. If so, besides vomiting or having diarrhea, look for the following signs that your dog is suffering from an upset stomach.

Eats Grass Whenever They Go Outside

When your dog is nauseated, they will instinctively know that they need to throw up whatever is in their stomach to hopefully feel better. One way dogs achieve this is by eating grass whenever they go outside.

Because grass is harsh on a dog's stomach, consuming it will cause them to vomit. The more they eat, the more they will throw up. If you notice that your dog heads straight for a patch of grass when you let them out, they are trying to find relief from their upset stomach.

Breath Smells Worse than Normal

While your dog's breath may not normally smell fresh, another sign you may notice is that their breath has started to smell worse than usual. If they have an upset stomach or have been vomiting without you seeing them, their breath will reflect their symptoms.

If your dog has eaten something rotten or has an infection, the odor of their breath will become even more noticeable. If you can detect the odor while being several feet away from your dog, they may be suffering from an underlying issue causing their symptoms that may need the care of their veterinarian.

Stands with Their Head Down

Along with bad breath and eating grass, another sign that your dog has an upset stomach is a change in the way they stand. You may see your dog stand with their head hanging down. Or, you may see them lay their head down while their back legs are still standing.

When your dog has an upset stomach, either one of these stances can help stretch out their abdomen, possibly helping to relieve their discomfort. This stance also helps open up the lower end of their esophagus to make vomiting up whatever is making them sick easier.

If you see your dog exhibiting any of the above signs of an upset stomach, they may have eaten something they should not have, and it will pass on its own. However, if you are concerned about other symptoms, or your dog has been feeling bad for more than a day or two, make an appointment with their veterinarian so they can examine them and discover what is causing the problem.