Did Not Get Your Dog Vaccinated? 2 Health Problems It May Have

If you have a dog, you need to make sure you get it the proper vaccinations. If you do not, your dog will likely get sick. Some problems are very serious and can lead to death. To help you, below are two of these problems so you can get your dog treatment fast. Parvo Parvo is a virus that generally attacks the intestines and makes the animal very sick quickly. If your dog does get parvo, one of the first things it will do is have diarrhea. Read More 

4 Common Signs Of Illness Or Injury In Puppies

Adding a puppy to your household can be a fun and exciting adventure. Puppies are adorable creatures and it can be very rewarding to form a bond and train a new furry family member. However, when you bring a new puppy home, it is also important to be able to recognize signs of illness or injury so you can get your pup veterinary attention if it is needed. Some of the common signs of illness or injury in a puppy are discussed below. Read More 

3 Dog Care Tips For New Dog Owners

Have you recently received a dog as a holiday or birthday present? Is this the first time that you've had a pet of your own? Dogs can make a great addition to your household, becoming a companion and a part of your family. As a member of your family, it's important to make sure that your new canine companion is kept happy, healthy, and comfortable. If you've never had a dog before, this can sometimes seem like a daunting task. Read More 

When Your Pet Doesn’t Have A Heartbeat

If your pet doesn't have a heartbeat, the first thing you need to do is check their airway to make sure that it is not blocked, and start rescue breathing. After you do that, you can attend to the issue of their heart. Lay Your Pet On Their Side The first thing you need to do is position your pet's body correctly, so you can help them out. Lay your pet on its right side, and make sure that your pet is lying on a firm surface. Read More 

4 Ways To Take Care Of Your Dog In The Winter

If you like somewhere that experiences seasonal changes in the winter, you are going to need to change up your routine with your dog. You don't want to let your dog out for long periods of time when its super cold outside, make sure to protect your dog from your heaters, provide your dog with a cozy bed and help your dog fight back against dry skin. Be Mindful of the Outside Temperature Read More