Taking Care Of Your Cat’s Teeth: What You Should Know

When you are a cat owner, you may take for granted the fact that your cats are relatively self-sufficient and can take care of themselves. However, they do still require your care and support to remain as healthy and happy in your home as possible. This includes dental care and taking care of your cat's teeth. Get to know some of the things you can and should do to take proper care of your cat's oral health. Read More 

What To Do If One Of Your Multiple Cats Is Having Diarrhea

It can be tricky to care for a cat that's having diarrhea, but the problem is always made worse if you have multiple cats. Figuring out which cat is having problems can be tough, and handling the problem is often frustrating and confusing. If you know one of your cats is leaving diarrhea in the litter box and aren't sure what to do, check out this guide. Find the Culprit Read More 

3 Ways To Keep Your Furry Friend Safe And Healthy In The Great Outdoors

If you've recently decided to share your home with a canine companion, you're probably looking forward to spending many happy years having adventures with your dog. If you enjoy spending time in the outdoors, you've probably chosen an active breed that's suitable for sharing outdoor adventures with. However, the outdoors have certain health and safety hazards for dogs that you should know about. Following are three things you should do to make sure your furry friend stays as safe and healthy as possible when spending time enjoying outdoor pursuits. Read More 

3 Signs Your Dog Is Suffering From An Upset Stomach

If you dog has stopped eating and is acting strangely, you may suspect that they are sick to their stomach. If so, besides vomiting or having diarrhea, look for the following signs that your dog is suffering from an upset stomach. Eats Grass Whenever They Go Outside When your dog is nauseated, they will instinctively know that they need to throw up whatever is in their stomach to hopefully feel better. Read More 

Was Your Dog Attacked By Another Dog? What You Should Do

If you have a dog, one of your biggest fears might be seeing your dog get attacked or injured by another dog. This is a scary and worrisome situation for anyone to deal with. If you are worried about your dog or they have recently been attacked by another dog, it is important to know what you can and should do after the fact to handle the situation. Get to know some of these steps so you can help your dog as much as possible in the aftermath. Read More